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Volunteer Opportunities


Assist with presentations

  • Set up literature for distribution
  • Hand out bracelets
  • Collect audience data
  • Inventory materials


  • Ready table for distribution of literature
  • Talk with interested parties about program and offer literature
  • Collect data about event attendees
  • Pack table up

Help with collecting donations for:

  • Annual yardsales
  • Fundraisers

Be a Presenter

  • Set up technology (projector, laptop, PowerPoint, pointer)
  • Provide literature to facilitator
  • Present based on audience and instructions on event assignment sheet
  • Gather event data as per event assignment sheet
  • Pack up equipment as necessary

Other opportunities for volunteering include:

  • Data entry
  • Working concession stands at sporting events
  • Writing articles for our newsletter, Kaity’s Korner
  • Posting on social media
  • Sit on event committees
  • Join our Youth Advisory Council (hyperlink to our Youth Advisory Council below)
  • Organize a presentation
  • Serve on our Board of Directors

What Volunteers are saying about Kaity's Way


“Having known the Sudberry family for many years and watching Kaity grow from a little girl into a beautiful young woman, the tragedy that took Kaity from us started my journey as a Kaity’s Way volunteer. I have such a great passion to ensure that other teens and their families don’t go through this type of tragedy. My love for the Sudberry’s has sparked my passion for Kaity’s Way and Kaity’s Law.”

Donna M.Phoenix
AZ Volunteer since 2008

“The reason I volunteer for Kaity’s Way is because want to help educate young people on the signs of an abusive relationship. Coming from a broken home myself and marrying an abuser I feel like I can relate to those needing help. When I first heard about Kaity Sudberry’s story several years ago I knew then that this is something I wanted to do.

Most people don’t realize that it’s not all about young teens either who need help. I was in 30’s before I got help and come across so many adults that were being abused.

I know that through this organization Bobbi and all the volunteers have helped so many people and I know that they are grateful for her and Kaitys Law that she fought so hard to get.”

Cathy S. Glendale
AZ Volunteer since 2009

“I first heard of Kaity’s Way when the president and co-founder, Bobbi Sudberry, visited my school. I was honestly grateful that this amazing woman would be so gracious to bring this message to us. Not many people visit our town for our “reputation” or the fact that it is so small. But when Mrs. Sudberry showed up and talked to us about Kaity, it was moving. However, Mrs. Sudberry wasn’t only trying to tell us about Kaity, she was trying to educate us so that we knew our rights and who can help us. She cares, so that inspired me to care.”

Ingrid C. Eloy
AZ Volunteer since 2014

“My name is Lauren K. I have volunteered for Kaitys way since the beginning.  Kaity was a friend of mine, sister to me, and want to spread the word on her story, on dating violence, to help others. I want to help people with knowledge my family had to learn through life experience, and make it known that people need to live in a healthy relationship no matter how old you are or what type of relationship you want to be in.”

Lauren K.
Phoenix, AZ Volunteer since 2008

We also have Internship opportunities through Arizona State University

  • University Service Learning (USL) program
  • Criminal Justice Program…..

What Interns are saying about Kaity’s Way

I enjoyed working at Kaity’s Way as an intern. The working schedule was flexible and I felt part of Kaity’s family. I was a part of presentations, workshops and resource tables in high schools, colleges and universities. I learned to identify red flags in unhealthy relationships, and that it is more common than most people think. Most teenagers I met did not know that being in a relationship comes with certain responsibilities. Respect, tolerance and accepting the other person for who they are and what they believe in is an important part of maintaining a healthy relationship. But, under the law, teenagers are protected from abusive and controlling partners. I would highly recommend Kaity’s Way to my fellow classmates who are looking for a place to complete their internship. I guarantee you will feel like you are contributing to society and even saving lives.

Adriana Begay
Summer 2015 ASU Intern

“I was a student attending ASU when an opportunity opened up to intern in a organization. I chose Kaity’s Way. Kaity’s Way is a great non-profit organization. It helped me with my personal life and work. Also I have two teenage girls and Kaity’s Way helped me to understand that parents should never blame their children when they make a bad choice. Parents have to be friends but not to forget they are the parent. While I was interning at Kaity’s Way I had an opportunity to meet people from other organizations such as the FBI. Working with Kaity’s Way helped me educate women giving them options under the law. Hopefully educating one victim will create a chain among others who will be aware of their options in the real world.”

Sobira Pakhlavonova
Summer/Fall 2014 ASU Intern

“First off I enjoyed my internship with Kaity’s Way. I learned a lot, that trust in strangers can be the key to helping people. Opening your heart to listening can open the other heart to seek out help. It’s a very quiet problem.. I did tables and helped with speaking presentations. I would not have traded it for anything. Thanks for everything.”

Brian Smith
Spring 2014 ASU Intern

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