Kaitlyn Marie Sudberry, born July 5, 1990 Tucson, Az became a beautiful, vivacious, artistically talented loving young lady. Her patience surpassed most and she had empathy for all living beings. Her acceptance of others and caring soul, was infectious to all who came in contact with her. Her belief in equality is what she lived by. She was senior at Moon Valley High School in Phoenix, AZ in her final semester. She had been accepted to Northern Arizona University (NAU) to study Wildlife Science. Kaity was one of five children, two sisters and two brothers, and grew up with a loving family in a blessed home. Soft spoken and silly, Kaity could put a smile on your face with just her presence. She enjoyed sports, gardening, cooking (banana bread was her specialty), drawing, painting and animals.

Kaitys willingness to share the love she knew extended to a young man with whom she became friends with in late 2006. She then began dating him in December 2006. He seemed polite, respectful and caring towards Kaity. Over the months she grew to care deeply for this young man and experienced her first love beyond the family. About six months into the relationship this young man began to change. He suddenly became rude and inconsiderate at times, but apologetic when Kaity would stand her ground. This young man exhibited possessive and jealous behavior. If Kaity was away from him he constantly called or would text her on her phone. At times he made accusations that she was lying to him or cheating on him with another. If she went away to visit family he was crazed out of his mind about where she was and who she was with. Kaity patiently tried to understand his insecurities and shortcomings and forgave him. Nonetheless, his behavior escalated.

After several months of enduring this behavior, with the support of her family and friends, Kaity came to realize she was not able to help him understand her devotion to him and ended the relationship in late December 2007. She loved him, but knew she could no longer continue in such an unhealthy relationship.

In mid January 2008 this young man assaulted Kaity at school and stole her driver license and ATM debit card. With the help of the school officials her property was returned and he was suspended and a police report was filed. Even so, upon this young mans return to school, he again assaulted her and was then expelled from school and another police report was filed. In this young mans mind, it was Kaitys fault that he was expelled. Never mind the fact that he assaulted her, Kaity was to blame for his inappropriate behavior. Unfortunately, this young mans erratic behavior continued to escalate and he harassed her by phone continuously. He then threatened to kill Kaity and himself. This was relayed to Kaitys mother by a Phoenix police officer, who suggested an order of protection be arranged with the courts. Although, because of the laws in Arizona at this time we were limited to an Injunction Against Harassment (IAH), in which we did obtain for service upon this young man.

On January 28, 2008, five days after filing the IAH, as Kaity was walking on her way home from school this young man grabbed her from in front of her house and pulled her to the side yard of the house next door. He then killed her with a shot gun he had hidden in a duffle bag, and turned the gun on himself and committed suicide.

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