That’s Not Cool!
Is the person you are dating cool? Are your friends cool? Are you cool? These are questions that many teenagers ponder, but what is cool?  Cool can mean different things to different people, I guess. To me, a cool person is someone people look up to, or want to hang around with. (Disclaimer: I used to think I was cool!) What is cool when it comes to dating? Teenagers are usually new to dating, and much of teenage communication and dating these days is done electronically through texting and social media. Anytime you are trying something new, you are bound to make mistakes. But if you are new to it, how do you know what’s normal, acceptable, or even cool? Especially in the digital age? I found a website that tries to answer that question.
Teens can go on the website and learn about healthy digital dating relationships and also what behavior is not acceptable. It even has a quiz that gives examples of social media and texting behavior and has the teen decide if it’s cool or not.  Parents, friends, mentors, schools, and organizations like Kaity’s Way are vital to help teens as they navigate through the world of social media, the internet, and dating, but this website is another great resource to help teens know what’s cool!

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